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2018 Home Décor and Design Trends

2018 Home Decor and Design Trends

The start of a new year brings with it all sorts of lists and trends, and the home industry is no different. Many websites, design programs and companies, and builders have published lists of what’s going to be “hot” this year. This is what they’re saying:

• Concrete is in, and not just for patios. Concrete is an inexpensive material that can be used just about anywhere, thanks to its initial liquid form that can be molded into whatever your heart desires. Stamped concrete floors, painted concrete walls, polished concrete countertops, and even concrete furniture (think end tables, not sofas!) will be all the rage in the new year.

• Subway tiles are on the way out, and now kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms have tiles in patterns that resemble wallpaper, fabric or even wood. Using tiles with a pattern will add depth and interest to these areas of your home.

• Again in the kitchen and bathroom, the sink is now getting a new look. No more stainless steel kitchen sinks, they’re being exchanged for stone, granite or composite materials. And in the bathroom, look for copper (yes, it will still be all the rage this year, too!), gray, or even black composite material. The goal here is to give these spaces a more rustic look.

• Colorful kitchens are making a comeback, using warm hues such as deep grays and blues or darker wood tones. Cabinets that were once almost exclusively white or natural wood are now being painted in these colors and the white and wood tones are moving to the walls in almost a mirror image of what we’re used to seeing.

• Velvet has returned from the 1970s in a big way. This soft, supple fabric can be seen on furniture, lampshades, and bedding and gives a warming feel to any space it occupies.

• Geometric patterns have been around for a while and are expected to stay en vogue for 2018. The new twist is to make them even bigger and bolder. Consider an accent wall with a geometric wallpaper or using a geometric tile pattern in your open shower. Go for bold colors along with it for a really big statement.