Our Steps to Team Building

When choosing how to begin or continue your career in real estate, it’s easy to see where you want to be, but how are you going to get there? We’ve asked several agents about their expectations and experience with their start at Keller Williams, here are a few steps they mentioned! 

“I found a broker that gave me not only training but really a hand out in mentoring from mega agents.”

From the very beginning, Keller Williams introduces you to agents with experience, advice, resources, and relationships. These agents become realistic resources right off of the bat! As a new agent, it is a great feeling to be sitting next to a mega-agent receiving the same treatment and training in every scenario.

“They continued to bring me in every few weeks to find out if everything was working for me. That kind of support meant the world to me.”

As you continue to develop your business, Keller Williams has appointed team members available for your assistance. They help you hire and build your team with individuals who are completely qualified for the position. Not only do they help you build your team, but they continue to meet with you and solidify that you have everything your team needs to succeed.

“The support and the guidance is just unbelievable!”

As part of Keller Williams’s daily involvement, agents are consistently provided with training, materials, events, community, culture, etc! You are never alone in your process, and not only that, but you are always being provided with new opportunities to build your business!

“What I love about Keller Williams is that they provide training programs that help us learn the technology that will benefit the growth of our business.”

Technology is forming the future of Keller Williams and their ability to stay ahead of the market. Agents feel as though they are in the perfect position to use technology to their advantage, especially with the training and videos offered by Keller Williams to help assist in the use of new technologies. 

If you are looking to begin your career in real estate and looking for a brokerage that offers community, support, advice, training, technology, and much more – contact us today! We would love to visit with you and discuss the next step in your journey.