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3 Ways YOU can Help Your Community // GET INVOLVED!

, 3 Ways YOU can Help Your Community // GET INVOLVED!, KW Woodlands

In our new blog series “Get Involved” we’ll focus on ways you can help out in your very own community and how even the little things you do make a big difference for those in need.


Our first featured charity is The Montgomery County Food Bank (MCFB) – a non-profit organization providing food for over 35,000 residents each month. No child, adult or senior should go hungry, yet so many do each day. School breakfast and lunch programs do wonders for our children during those meal times, but what about the rest of the family? Dinners? Weekends? The Montgomery County Food Bank closes that gap for our neighbors.


One of the unique programs the MCFB runs is its weekend meal program. Children are given a special backpack at school on Fridays that contains seven meals for the weekend. By using a backpack, the child can discretely transport food and return it Mondays to be refilled for the following weekend.


MCFB partners with Meals on Wheels to provide complete meals for senior citizens. Many seniors have a fixed income and have to choose between things like utilities, housing and medications before they can purchase food. Many also struggle with the ability to shop for and prepare their meals. MCFB helps facilitate the Meals on Wheels program by providing supplemental food for weekend meals.


Here’s how you can help:


Donate – Just a $25 donation will feed one child for an entire month! Every dollar donated allows the Food Bank to distribute meals to three to five people, so a $100 donation will feed almost 500 people. Astonishing, isn’t it?


Volunteer – Man hours add up and with all the work that needs to be done to gather, sort, and distribute food, volunteers are an essential part of the MCFB. Opportunities are available at the Bank from 9am-4pm weekdays. Administrative help is also requested.


Don’t have time or money? You can still help! Share the link to the MCFB’s virtual food drive with your social network and smile as your friends and family make contributions. There are always ways to help your community!