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4 ‘Cool’ Technologies to Cut Down Your Energy Bill

, 4 ‘Cool’ Technologies to Cut Down Your Energy Bill, KW Woodlands

July in the Texas gulf coast is a mix of hot and hotter. Texas uses more electricity than any other state during the summers to cool down our homes. Luckily, there is an abundance of “cool” new technology to keep you from melting. Consider incorporating these products into your lifestyle to increase your comfort level this summer.

Retractable blade ceiling fans are becoming more popular and more widely available. Perfect for a smaller room that might not be able to support a full-sized ceiling fan, these units with smaller blades that fold up could be a great option. Most look like stylish light fixtures, and may come complete with a tiffany-style shade or even crystals. But, hidden above the light are small, retractable fan blades that are controlled by remote. While not yet available at Home Depot or Lowes, you can find them by shopping online. This is a great way to add some cooling air circulation to places like your kitchen, bathroom or small bedroom. 

Cooling bedding will help you sleep better this summer. Start with cool-fabric sheets. Luxurious 500-thread count sheets may feel soft and inviting, but their higher thread concentration actually makes them trap your body heat. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 200- to 400-thread count cotton when the temperatures are high. Bamboo also gives a cooling feel. According to Health Magazine, the best cooling sheets are made by Bedgear and are called Dri-Tec. These sheets are made from the same breathable, moisture-wicking materials used in sportswear.

Continuing with the bedding theme, try out a cooling pillow. Go for the ones that have a bamboo or latex filling instead of the ones with a gel pad, as they are much more comfortable. Grab one that’s hypoallergenic, too. And if you’re really hot-natured while you sleep, you could pick up a cooling mattress pad. While expensive, the reviews are in and most say they are worth it to wake up well-rested from a good, cool night’s sleep. Look for bamboo here as well.

Just for fun, hop on Amazon and pick up a pack of cell phone fans. These little fans attach to almost any mobile phone’s micro USB port and provide personal cooling anywhere. You can even clip one on your laptop and enjoy the breeze while you work!