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4 Time Management Techniques You can Apply Today

, 4 Time Management Techniques You can Apply Today, KW Woodlands

Keeping track of your own time can be far more tricky than one would think. As someone who owns their own business, real estate professionals MUST be proficient at time management in order to have a successful business. There truly isn’t much choice about it. When time isn’t managed well, it can seem like it’s just slipping away.  The clock keeps ticking, and that work is still uncompleted. The typical employee spends 2 hours per day recovering from distractions. As a real estate professional running their own business, you definitely have more potential for distraction than America’s ‘typical employee’. So are you feeling like you just never have enough time? Here are a few quick tips for taking advantage of each and every minute of the workweek.

So, what’s one of the quickest ways to eliminate distractions?

Clear a cluttered desk.

A clean, sharp desk creates a clean, sharp mind. Knowing where everything is, and removing potential items of distraction can save you from needlessly wasting time looking for things.

Schedule time to do nothing.

Yes. One of the most important parts of time management is stress management. Nobody works efficiently when they are anxious or stressed. This does NOT mean to take a break every time you get stressed. It means to give yourself 15 minutes of relaxation once or twice a day to look forward to. Use it as a chance to meditate, grab a cup of coffee, or build a relationship with a co-worker over a friendly chat.

Get ahead on something today.

If you can, take every opportunity to stay ahead on monotomous work you have to do. If you can schedule your Facebook posts, prewrite blogs, or create brochures in advance, you’ll create a less stressful work environment for yourself. Not to mention you’ll free up future time for more important things.

WAIT to work on what you’re motivated to work on.

There are some things we like doing more than other things. That’s pretty much a given. Using those tasks as motivation to do the less-exciting tasks is a great way to get them done faster. If you don’t use this technique, the smaller things often get pushed until right up against the deadline. Do that a couple of times, let something big come up near a deadline, and you’ll find yourself in a frenzy. We’ve all been there!

May realtors think that working a 70 hour week is going to get them to the top of this industry. We say, start by seeing how much you can get done in a 40-hour workweek. IF and only if you NEED to add more hours, then do it! Apply the time management techniques that work best for you before you add more working hours to your schedule.

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