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5 Closet Hacks to Save Your Mornings

, 5 Closet Hacks to Save Your Mornings, KW Woodlands

It all starts in the closet – your first destination in the morning to get ready for the day. Instead of wasting precious morning minutes searching for the pants that match that suit jacket, or the right color shoes, get organized with these five closet hacks to save you time, and maybe even your sanity!


Closet Hack 1 – Clean and clear it out. It’s spring and that means there are garage sales every weekend. Sort through your closet and pull out anything you haven’t worn in two years or more. Take a “Marie Kondo” moment and remember the good times you had in that dress before saying goodbye. Now that you’ve freed up all that space, let’s get organized!


Closet Hack 2 – Group like items together. Hang suit pants or skirts on the same hangar as the jacket that goes with them. Hang all your work clothes on one end and your casual clothes on the other, with versatile pieces in the middle. Use a tie rack or drawer dividers on a shelf to store ties and other accessories so they’re easily visible, keeping similar items near one another.


Closet Hack 3 – Organize your hats and purses by hanging them on single wall hooks. This will take advantage of vertical space while displaying your items so you can easily remember them and choose the right one for each outfit. Another great idea for clutch purses? Use a desktop file divider to hold them upright on a shelf; not only will you be able to see them better, but they’ll stay put and you’ll save space.


Closet Hack 4 – Set a jewelry tree on a shelf to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You can also hang scarves or handkerchiefs here or on those single wall hooks mentioned above. When items are visible, you can pull together your outfit faster.


Closet Hack 5 – Keep items off the floor. Having a clean space helps clear your brain and puts your mood at ease. Use free-standing shoe racks or hanging shoe organizers to lift footwear off the floor. Use an enclosed laundry hamper so you won’t see piles of dirty clothes. Better yet, use two – one for darks and one for lights to make wash day smoother and faster!