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5 Tips to Achieving the ‘Rustic’ Look

, 5 Tips to Achieving the ‘Rustic’ Look, KW Woodlands

The “rustic chic” or “farmhouse” look is a long-lasting and popular style in home décor. However, it can sometimes be a difficult look to achieve without appearing cluttered and dull. Follow these tips to get the look with a sophisticated touch.

  • Wood is the foundation element for the farmhouse look. Natural wood floors in any shade, wooden tables, chairs and benches set the tones that you can tie into with other furniture and accessories. Handmade woodwork pieces give your home unique style and make great conversation pieces.
  • White is the foundation color for this look. Avoid bright, bleached out whites and stick to softer neutrals in creamy tones. Off-white to almost beige looks great against the wood furniture mentioned above and creates a calming feel. Warm greys also work well. Plus, it is such an easy color to play with by bringing in accents pieces and bold decorations to complete the room.
  • Rustic by definition means minimal and lean, but that doesn’t have to define your home’s décor. Big, bold sofas in earthy tones like rich browns or deep greens with overstuffed cushions are welcoming and comforting. Large lamplight chandeliers and hanging lighting over tables and beds (with a dimmer switch, of course) add to the warm mood.
  • Bring the outdoors inside with lots of potted plants and earthy elements. Tall ferns in the corner of the living room, sprawling ivy on top of kitchen cabinets, and spider plants in the bedrooms (did you know they enhance sleep?!) not only make nice decorations, they improve your indoor air quality, too. Use plates and dishes with woodland scenes and hang landscape paintings on the walls to complete the look.
  • Fall is the perfect season to incorporate pumpkins, gourds and fallen leaves into your decorative accents. Wreaths aren’t just for doors – they look great in windows, above beds and behind the kitchen table. Use orange and green leaves and ribbon to tie them together.