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5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Texas Spring Weather

, 5 Ways to Get The Most Out of Texas Spring Weather, KW Woodlands

The weather is perfect, the sun is shining, and you want to be outdoors as much as possible right now before the blasting heat of summer hits. With the calendars turning to Spring last week, now’s the best time to enjoy some outdoor living, right in your own front or backyard. Spruce up your outdoor space with these Spring-inspired ideas.


  1. Give your façade a mini-makeover. Painting the trim, shutters and front door of your house gives it an instant face-lift. Royal and light blues are the perfect neutral shades to coordinate with a redbrick exterior. Light brick? Go for sandstone on the trim and a deep brown for the shutters and door. A red door is also quite welcoming.
  2. Break out the power-washer and clean off the winter gunk. Acorns and leaves can stain your driveway and any other paved areas, and a quick wash will have them gleaming. Patio and pool decking also need a good hosing-down periodically during spring to wash away the pollen.
  3. Put down some fertilizer and weed prevention on your lawn. Many home repair stores have these products on sale now. Check to get the right type for your grass and look for products that contain fire ant preventer, too. If you’ve already got weeds popping up, the second application of a post-emergent weed killer can usually be applied a week or two later.
  4. Plant some spring annuals to brighten up your flowerbeds and pots. Zinnia, geraniums, and osteospermum look great and can also tolerate the upcoming heat. Perennial flowers like coreopsis and blue mistflower are also hardy choices. Don’t forget the fertilizer to help them establish strong roots to last throughout the season and beyond.
  5. Take a close look at the state of repair of your fence. If your community HOA allows, now is a great time to paint or stain. If you’ve got wrought-iron fencing, it may need to be sanded and repainted. Do these tasks now before the heat of summer sets in. Plus, your yard will look refreshed and those new spring blossoms will look great against a bright fence backdrop.