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“We are a Technology Company That Happens to be in Real Estate”

, “We are a Technology Company That Happens to be in Real Estate”, KW Woodlands

A few years ago, our fearless leader, CEO Gary Keller, announced that becoming the top technology company in the real estate industry was a priority. Since then, Keller Williams has launched several new technology products aimed at helping agents on-the-go.

In 2018, Keller Williams acquired a startup company called SmarterAgent, which allows agents to create branded apps and the ability to connect to more than 650 multiple listing services. We’ve also partnered with Kungfu.AI, an artificial intelligence firm, to discover future technology solutions for our agents, all in an effort to stay on top of the technology curve.

Last year, the virtual assistant program, Kelle, was launched to help agents navigate the buying and selling process, ensuring no milestones are missed. Kelle is also used as a referral system to connect agents to other agents and to clients.

Keller Williams agents have the power of the Cloud, where data can be accessed, analyzed and interpreted from your office, home, or mobile device. We believe it’s this mobile technology that really sets us apart from the competition and empowers our agents with information at their fingertips while out in the field.

Keller Williams Labs and innovation teamwork to consistently outpace any disruptors in the market. This means that by harnessing the data power of over 170,000 agents, we can beat competitors who challenge us and try to change the industry standards. This combined market share power is one of Keller Williams’ greatest strengths.

We aim to give our agents THE best tools and THE best training to use those tools.