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9 Interior Design Tricks To Do WITHOUT a Professional

, 9 Interior Design Tricks To Do WITHOUT a Professional, KW Woodlands

You’ve heard the saying “it’s the little things” that can make the biggest difference? Well, this is true for your home’s décor, too. Here are a few examples of small changes that will make a big difference in the appearance of your rooms (and no, we’re not going to mention painting the walls!).


  • Put matching new bedside lamps on your nightstands with a bold lampshade. Or, try hanging pendant fixtures to frame your sleep space.
  • Hang a statement chandelier in virtually any room of your house to transform the entire look and feel. This will draw the eye upward and bring attention to other details, like window treatments and decorative ceiling elements. 
  • Landscape lighting (even the inexpensive and easy to install yourself kind) can give your home’s exterior a whole new look. If your house is on the market, this will greatly increase curb appeal.


  • Adding a chair rail or box molding can take your living or dining room from plain to sophisticated. 
  • Create a “living wall” by hanging plant holders or adding potted plants to a shelf system. Vines work very well to give this not only a 3-D effect but also a vertical draw.
  • Put up a hanging picture gallery. Using a decorative curtain rod, some similarly-framed snapshots or artwork, and a bit of Macrame rope, you can create a unique and interesting way to show off your personal style.


  • Installing a fancy faucet on the sink will make your whole kitchen look elevated and upgraded.
  • Similarly, installing knobs or handles to cabinets and drawers can give the whole room a facelift. If you do not have handles already installed, they can be easily done using a small drill and the template that comes with most handle hardware. Coordinate these with the sink’s faucet to complete the look.
  • Instead of a cabinet/counter/backsplash overhaul, try swapping out everything that sits on those countertops instead. Replace old canisters, spice racks, cookbooks and utensil holders with fresh, new items and mix in some vases or tiny potted plants in bright colors to spruce up the whole kitchen.