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A Different Kind of Accent Wall

, A Different Kind of Accent Wall, KW Woodlands

Accent walls have a long history of adding interest and excitement to rooms all over the world. Traditionally, these walls have been painted a different, more bold color than the rest of the room in order to draw attention to specific architectural features or just simply “because.” Recently, adding even more detail to accent walls has become a popular trend.

Accent walls that feature faux paint styles, such as textures or patterns, are an easy way to start. Vertical stripes work, but so do diagonal and they’re more fun. If you’ve got an artistic side, try your hand at a mural. (Or you can project an image on the wall and trace it, filling in the colors later!)

Another easy accent wall-maker is wallpaper. Floral patterns that harken back to the 1960s or anything bright and bold will really make the wall pop. This style will work best in a bedroom or dining room. Geometric patterns became widely popular last year and remain very much at the forefront of style.

What’s really hot for 2018 are three-dimensional wallscapes. You can create these with almost anything your heart desires, but use your home’s existing features for inspiration. If your living room has a fireplace, start there, as this makes for a natural accent wall. Consider extending the material that forms the mantle, be it brick, stone, or wood, all the way up to the ceiling.

Ready for something really bold? Wrap fabric in different shades around square pieces of wood, then mount them to the wall like tiles. Using squares of varying thickness or sizes will give the wall more depth. Other 3-D ideas include using reclaimed wood beams to cover the wall, or mounting 4×4 beams cut into squares of differing thickness.

Finally, if you’re really ready to go out on a style limb, consider creating a “living wall” whereby you mount organic material and literally watch as the wall grows to life. Use plants that require the same amount of light and water to make maintenance significantly easier. You can buy a vertical garden frame and add your own plants. Alternately, you can hang potted plants individually in clusters or just install several shelves close to one another and fill with overflowing plants (like ferns and vines) so that you cannot see the spaces in between.

The accent wall possibilities are endless, so use your creative style to make your home unique!

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