Agent Careers

Agent Careers

KW The Woodlands / Magnolia is a dynamic player in a dynamic organization. With over 3,700 transactions and over $1 Billion annually, KW The Woodlands/Magnolia is a leader in the KW organization. Our real estate expertise at all levels allows us to create profitable careers for new agents and provide unparalleled support and income opportunity to existing agents and teams.

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A Real Estate Powerhouse

“When you choose to join Keller Williams, you join forces with the most dynamic real estate company in the world.”

Keller Williams is an international real estate franchise company with more than 110,000 real estate agents, operating in 700 offices across the globe.

Founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams with the mission to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living for its associates, Keller Williams Realty has been among the fastest growing real estate franchises in the industry since its founding.

In 1991, the company began franchising, and since that time has expanded across the U.S. exponentially, as well as in Canada, Indonesia, Southern Africa, Vietnam and Dubai.

In 2011, during the most challenging real estate market in history, Keller Williams surpassed Century 21 to become the 2nd largest real estate franchise in the U.S. In 2012, the company ranked as the No. 1 real estate franchise on the 33rd Annual Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine. In 2014, Keller Williams became the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count.

More so than ever before, real estate professionals are turning to Keller Williams Realty for the education, coaching, technology, culture and wealth building opportunities that are redefining their potential and powering their careers toward new heights.

The KW Difference

Keller Williams Realty stands out from all other real estate firms in many ways, yet there are key areas that define us as an industry innovator and leader.

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At Keller Williams, our commitment to education is unparalleled. From classroom training to on-demand, online education, and our award-winning coaching programs, we provide the most advanced and comprehensive learning opportunities in real estate.

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Technology and Marketing

Our technology and marketing are among the most innovative in the real estate industry with a complete focus on driving your business and saving you time and money. And with every tool we build, our focus remains the same.

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Our unique culture creates a sense of family and community that is rare and unique in the real estate industry. When you’re here, you’re family.

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Wealth Building

The KW wealth building platform is built around the premise that our associates actively participate in building the dominant real estate company in their market and the opportunity to reap the accompanying financial rewards.


Keller Williams Realty changed the real estate industry forever when it introduced its Interdependent, Agent-Centric business model.

KW Training

“#1 Training Organization in the World.”

There’s a reason Keller Williams The Woodlands is number one. We provide agents with Nationally recognized training tools and local assistance at all levels. We believe in building careers in the real estate industry, providing opportunity to run your own business, and the ability to live a life worth living. Through education, coaching, technology, culture, and wealth building opportunities, Keller Williams The Woodlands is able to provide it’s agents with all the necessary resources to be successful in the real estate industry. For more info, be sure to visit our Careers page.

The Evolution of the Real Estate Industry

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