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Backyard Pools: An Enjoyable Amenity

swimming pool

Residents of the south Texas area enjoy “pool weather” for about seven or eight months out of the year. Therefore, many homes in The Woodlands and surrounding communities have backyard pools. In fact, a safe estimate is about 30% of homes here have pools.

So, what does this mean for the real estate market? Well, it really depends on the buyer. A pool will definitely increase the appraised and fair market value of a house. However, the buyer will be the determining factor in whether or not the pool helps or hinders the sale of a home.

Having a backyard pool is an enjoyable amenity and adds beauty to the landscape. But, it does take a little bit of work and money to keep it in good condition. Maintaining a pool takes about 20 minutes per week and average cost is roughly $250 per month for electricity, chemicals and equipment. Other factors to consider when owning a pool are safety concerns such as having the pool completely fenced in, and liability insurance added to your homeowners policy.

Home pool construction is a booming industry in The Woodlands and Magnolia. With so many contractors to choose from, be sure to get multiple quotes and design options. At the low end, you can expect to pay about $30,000 for a very basic pool. Throw in a hot tub, a water feature or two, and nice decking and you’ll be looking at well over $50,000. Unfortunately, this won’t translate to that exact amount added to the sale price of your home, but do consider the amount of enjoyment you’ll have with it while you live there.

Having the neighbors over for a pool party and barbeque is a great way to spend a summer evening. Kids will love swimming even when the community pools are closed and it is a great way for them to burn off some excess energy. Plus, the soothing sound of running water makes for a nice backdrop to an afternoon poolside nap.

Happy swimming!