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Barn Doors – A Little Bit of Country Inside

, Barn Doors – A Little Bit of Country Inside, KW Woodlands

They’re a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll – well, maybe just the roll part. Barn doors as an interior feature have been in style for a while now and don’t show signs of going out any time soon. So, how can you incorporate their sleek yet cozy design into your home? Read on for tips and ideas.

From a functional standpoint, you need two basic things in order to use a barn door – a doorway opening and a wall large enough to allow the door to slide all the way open. Barn doors require double the horizontal space, so before you begin a door replacement project, double-check your measurements to make sure your wall is long enough. Another consideration for size – do you want double barn doors or a single? Double doors look best when the doorway opening is centered on a wall, allowing equal room on either side for the doors to slide open.

Barn doors come in a vast array of styles, from French country cozy to sleek and modern. While many are made of wood, glass and metal doors are also available to fit your décor style. Keep in mind, the weight and mounting hardware requirements will be different depending on what material your door is made of, so be sure to get the correct type.

The master bedroom and dining room are the most popular locations to install barn doors. In the bedroom, a closet or bathroom doorway can be aesthetically enhanced by a barn door, while the dining room entryway or a wine closet are the perfect spots in this room.

Think of a barn door as a conversation piece, much the same way a statement piece of furniture can be. The drama factor of a bold barn door works well when other décor in the room is quieter. And speaking of quiet, you may want to hire a professional to install your barn door to help reduce the sound of it rolling along the track when opening and closing.