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Betty Hardy Award

, Betty Hardy Award, KW Woodlands

Every year the Montgomery County Food Bank honors a special volunteer who makes a significant impact on their mission. In honor of the original founder of the food bank, they have named it the Betty Hardy Award. 

Betty Hardy has a servant’s heart, she is a beacon of hope and assistance to those in need. Because of our agents’ compassion and commitment displayed at the annual KW Red Day- Keller Williams The Woodlands & Magnolia has been presented with this award! 

At the 2019 KW RED Day event, we provided 116 volunteers, 121 individual volunteer shifts, and 423 volunteer hours. Over 40,000 pounds of rice and beans, purchased and donated by Keller Williams, were repackaged into family-sized bags and distributed to families in need all over Montgomery County. 

Way to go, agents! What an honor it is to be presented with such a meaningful reward. You all helped put food on the table for families in need. We are looking forward to RED Day 2020, coming up in May! Join us at the 2020 Food For Life Gala on March 28th! For more details, click here