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Building a Successful Career // Where to Start

, Building a Successful Career // Where to Start, KW Woodlands

The real estate market in the greater Houston area has been hot for a very long time and the general expectation is for it to remain that way. With all this promise in the industry, getting in with the right firm could be the difference from having a nice side gig versus having a successful career. Choosing your firm is a big decision. Here’s a little help in making it.

  • Keller Williams has one of the most competitive commission splits in the industry. That means our agents get more money in their pockets from each transaction while still receiving all the benefits of being backed by a major firm.
  • Keller Williams agents have access to health insurance options through our KW Wellness Program, which gives agents the opportunity to receive better rates. Additional coverages for an accident, life, and car insurance are also available because Keller Williams views our agents as a family and we want to encourage them to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle without having to worry.
  • One of the biggest hurdles for a new agent to overcome is lead generation. That’s why Keller Williams has such an extensive training program in place for all of our agents. We not only teach you how to generate leads at the start, but how to continue to nurture those leads long-term for success down the road.
  • The flexibility of setting your own hours is a big draw to entering the real estate field. At Keller Williams, we outline a time-management model for you to successfully run your business within normal work-week hours. Agents who follow this model find they have more personal time while still accomplishing their career goals.
  • Keller Williams agents have an interdependent relationship with the company, allowing them the flexibility to work independently while having the support they need from a team with mutual interests in success.

If you’re ready to take that jump, now is the time! Learn more about becoming a KW agent HERE.