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Building a Team? Hire By Demand

, Building a Team? Hire By Demand, KW Woodlands

Building a team is often the ultimate goal of many real estate agents. One of the best ways to increase your production output is to hire other individuals so you can focus on the things that you are best at. However, many agents don’t know where to start. And there are plenty of mistakes that are easily made without prior knowledge or advice from those with more experience.

At Keller Williams, we encourage ALL of our agents to grow their business at their own pace. Whether you’re preparing for the future or growing by demand, we are there to help you make the big decisions. We provide our agents’ models that were hard-won over the years of growing this agency.

Uplifting our agents to build their own futures starts with the first employee. Often, this seemingly easy step can be filled with potential mistakes. We encourage our agents to hire by demand. Whatever part of your job that becomes the hardest to handle is the skillset you should look for first. When you start sifting through resumes, think about whether or not you should start off with someone more experienced, or someone you can teach. Do you simply need an intern? Or someone who has worked in this industry for years?

By the time you go to develop your team, you’ve probably already started building your own brand. If you’ve used your own personal name and headshot to spread the word about your business, it might be time to get a new logo or a new name. 

Our team is here to help you create a logo/media package that will stand the test of time. In KW Command, we have developed the most user-friendly robust designs software in the real estate industry. This gives our agents the ability to build marketing campaigns that are beautiful, as well as expertly branded with your name and color-scheme. 

If you are looking to build a sustainable, long-lasting, effective career, Keller Williams is here to help. We want to give our agents all the tools and advice they need in order to grow their business into whatever level of production they are seeking. 

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