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Cassidy Joined for Hope – Charity Highlight

, Cassidy Joined for Hope – Charity Highlight, KW Woodlands

Cassidy Joined for Hope is a non-profit for a very special cause. On December 20th, 2015, a young lady names Cassidy lost her life to suicide. After going through this terrible loss, her parents felt a call to fight against teen depression and suicide in their community. The mission of the organization is to prevent team suicide through awareness.

According to their website,

Suicide is preventable.  Prevention and awareness must be a community effort, starting with our kids and our schools.  By removing the stigma and breaking the silence about suicide, we can open the uncomfortable but life-saving conversations in the schools and homes.  

We aim to educate students, teachers, and parents about the warning signs that may trigger suicidal thoughts through mental health screening programs.  These programs will help identify at-risk students in time to offer the resources necessary for treatment.”

One of the ways they carry out their mission is by starting “Join for Hope” clubs within schools in the area. These school clubs are seeded by the Foundation to address teen suicide prevention by promoting hope, kindness and safe places for honest discussions about their mental health.  

“Joined for Hope” Clubs focus on preventative measures, self-value, anti-bullying, social media dangers, and simply spreading the powerful message that EVERY life matters. To date, there are five schools that have a “Joined for Hope” Club. Their number one goal is to provide support and save lives.

The foundation often leads speaking events, educating our community about real dangers and pressures the teens in this society face on a day to day basis. Their main focus is on preventative measures and occasionally award scholarships to graduating seniors who have a passion to Break the Silence about teen suicide.

Thank you for all you do! Learn more about the organization here: