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Are You Compliant with The Woodlands Covenants?

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The Woodlands is a master planned community and as such, has specific guidelines to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhoods. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to abide by these guidelines. Here are a few important areas to pay attention to:

• Political signage – It is OK to place signs in your yard for political elections, but you must not put them up more than 90 days before the election and they must be removed within 10 days of the election date. Signs can be no more than four feet high and six feet wide and cannot be illuminated or contain anything that could be considered offensive. There is a limit of one sign per candidate or issue.

• Play structures – Play structures or swing sets can be placed in the side or back yard only. They cannot be more than 13 feet tall and if there is a fort or playhouse, it cannot exceed 120 square feet. Trampolines cannot be any larger than 15 feet in diameter and should be in muted colors. Only one basketball goal is allowed per house.

• Roofing – Roof colors must be neutral and conform to the colors of the rest of the neighborhood – therefore they should be soft, natural colors and not contain any type of pattern. Roof vents should be located on the rear slope of the roof and should color coordinate with the rest of the roof.

• Fences – Fences may be constructed from wood, metal, or stone and must comply with your neighborhood’s fence style. Fences can be no more than eight feet in height and cannot be chain link, rope, or plastic. Wood fencing can be stained or sealed using a neutral or muted shade and all sections must be the same.

• Landscaping – Your front yard can be a maximum of sixty percent grass and the remainder should be landscaped to include trees, shrubs, mulched areas and flower gardens. Artificial plants and flowers are not permitted. Red mulch may be used in moderation but brown or black is preferred.

For further clarification, please reference The Woodlands Township website.