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Design your ‘Peaceful’ Space with These Easy Tips

, Design your ‘Peaceful’ Space with These Easy Tips, KW Woodlands

For most of us, the bedroom is a retreat. A place to unwind, rest and recharge. It’s also a refuge from the noise and chaos of the outside world. Feelings about our bedrooms are shaped from a very young age. Even for children, the bedroom has special meaning – it’s more than just a place to keep their toys and have imaginative playtime, it’s an area all their own. How we decorate these rooms can set the mood and enhance feelings of peacefulness.


Starting with the master suite, a few ideas to amp up the atmosphere include:

  • Painting the ceiling. Most master suites can handle deep, dark colors because of the size of the room. But did you ever consider putting that dark color on the ceiling? Rooms with tray ceilings or large molding can really offset a dark ceiling color and make it pop. Consider dark brown or navy for a soothing color to look at as you drift off to dreamland. Using a dark color on the ceiling will give the room depth, too.
  • Adding houseplants. Many houseplants are well-known for their ability to help with sleep by increasing oxygen levels in a room which aids sleep. And best of all, most are pretty easy to care for. Pick up a peace lily, some ivy, or a snake plant and set on the bedside table. These plants also naturally absorb toxins in the air from carpeting, cleaning chemicals, and other pollutants, making your bedroom air cleaner at the same time.


Kids rooms will benefit from:

  • Stripes and vibrant colors. Even a newborn baby’s eyes are drawn to wide stripes in bold colors. In these rooms as well, painting the ceiling is a cool idea. You can stripe it or use a playful color like soft, grassy green or sky blue which tie in great with most kid-themed décor. Wallpaper in playful patterns create a bold look and many coordinate with bedding, too. Bright decorations and colors stimulate young minds for endless imagination.
  • Opposite that now-colorful ceiling is the floor, where kids spend the most playtime. Throw rugs can not only add a splash of color but work great at catching spills and stains while protecting the carpeting.
  • Ceiling fans are an important addition to a baby’s and small child’s room. Having constantly circulating air helps prevent tragedies like SIDS and keeps kids cool and comfortable promoting a long night’s sleep (and what parent doesn’t want that?!).