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Don’t Resell A Home Without Knowing This! (ROI)

, Don’t Resell A Home Without Knowing This! (ROI), KW Woodlands

Looking to make some updates to your house to help improve curb appeal? These home improvement projects have the highest return on investment for resale and can be done relatively quickly. The best part is that most don’t have a high price tag!

Exterior doors are the gateway to your home and are one of the most noticed parts of your house upon first impression. Replacing your front and garage doors will go a long way to improving your house’s aesthetic appeal while upping the home’s value. Steel front doors are a great investment because not only do they liven up your home’s façade, they are also an excellent safety feature. 

Replacing your garage door is a slightly bigger project, but it has a 98% return on investment, according to Lifestyle & Homes magazine. Homes with prominent garage doors will see the biggest impact, but even those that are tucked around the back or side of the home make an impression. Be sure that the new garage door you choose fits with your neighborhood covenants, too. And while you’re at it, consider replacing the rails and automatic opener, too, as this will ensure a smooth and quiet opening and closing.

Other projects with huge ROI are anything that makes ageing in place easier. With so many people choosing to stay in a house as they get older, having kitchen and bathroom accessories and features that are safe and helpful add value. Some ideas here include fancy grab bars in the shower or tub (not hospital-looking), zero entry showers and taller toilets. For the kitchen, counter-level or in-drawer microwaves and low-level storage are key. Other easy swap-outs are lever door handles, large, flat light switches and lever sink faucets.