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Easier Access Thanks to The Grand Parkway

grand parkway map

Driving around the west side of town just got quite a bit faster, thanks the recent opening of The Grand Parkway’s F and G segments. Residents of The Woodlands and surrounding neighborhoods have easy access to this scenic highway that connects southern Montgomery County all the way down to Sugar Land and beyond in Fort Bend County.

This easy access has dramatically decreased the time it takes residents in The Woodlands and surrounding communities to get to other major Texas cities like San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Commuters appreciate the access to the Exxon Mobile Campus, and shoppers are thrilled with the direct route to the Houston Premium Outlets near Fairfield.

The completion of segment F in February 2016 has made it a much easier commute for residents of Spring to the Exxon Mobile Campus. This section first connected Route 290 with Route 249 on the northwest side making for quick travel from Cypress to Tomball. Upon its completion a few months later in April, the road now connects Route 249 to Interstate 45 on the north side. Segment G connects I-45 with I-69/59 and is the beginning of the Grand Parkway’s looping around to the north east. Grand Parkway Map

Ultimately envisioned as “Houston’s third loop,” plans for the Grand Parkway have been on city and county records since the early 1960s. The original Route 99 connected State Highway 59 near Rosenberg to Interstate 10 in Katy in 1994. Over the past two decades, the road has expanded to a tollway on most portions and as of Spring 2016, covers almost 85 miles on the north and west sides of outer Houston.

The next step in completing the loop is a portion of road on the north east side that will eventually connect I-69/59 to the eastern side of I-10, crossing north of Kingwood and Lake Houston Park. Estimated budget for this project is $1.2 billion and construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2016. Ultimate completion for the entire loop is expected to be in 2021. Once done, the loop would be large enough to fit the entire state of Rhode Island inside!