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Festival of Lights in The Woodlands

christmas tree

There is nothing more magical around the holidays than looking at twinkling Christmas lights. For years, several of The Woodlands’ villages have boasted some of the most incredible light displays in the area. So, when the sun goes down, grab your keys and pile in the car to see some not-to-miss holiday decorations.

Several neighborhoods in The Woodlands feature homes, if not entire streets, that are Christmas light show-stoppers. However, you’ll find that some of the neighborhoods in Alden Bridge and Panther Creek set the bar high when it comes to the sparkle factor. Both feature over-the-top Christmas displays, with several choreographed to music.

Start your sight-seeing in Panther Creek, one of the oldest villages in The Woodlands. Here, scores of homes are aglow with dazzling lights and decorations to honor Cort Martin, a teenager who used to live on Tangle Brush Drive and died in an auto-train accident on FM 1488 in 2000. Although the Martin family has since moved, the neighbors still create an amazing display, often considered one of the best in The Woodlands.

After leaving Panther Creek, head over to the Village of Alden Bridge to view two whimsical light displays. In Bethany Bend, you’ll find a festive neighborhood aglow with giant candy canes lining the streets in this subdivision. What’s unique is that each candy cane is different, reflecting each owner’s holiday style and taste; some are brightly lit while others are adorned in ribbon and ornaments. So, at every turn, you can expect to see a new display.

After leaving Bethany Bend, keep an eye out for the Grinch, at the entrance to Westwinds, also in Alden Bridge. The Grinch is pointing the way to Whoville, located on June Breeze Place and a must-see street this Christmas! The entire street decorates around Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” creating a unique Whoville every year since 2008. The lights are on each night until 10:30 p.m.

The Dodd family homestead is another must-see Christmas light destination tucked away in Harper’s Landing. This extravagant display is synchronized to some of favorite Christmas tunes. So, you can tune into 95.1 FM, drive by and stay awhile!