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Five tips protect your home over Spring Break

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In just one week, many families will take to the roadways and the airways for the annual respite in life known as Spring Break. While families

Many people  1. Leave a light on. I had a vacant listing last year. My seller, unbeknownst to me, left a radio blaring in the garage. When I walked up to show the property to a potential buyer, it was enough to make me stop and think through if someone was here, even though I knew for a fact that he wasn’t. That noise can create enough of a question in the mind of a burglar to not take the chance.
2. Disconnect your automatic garage door. I’ve seen Transformers. Those electronics can get a mind of their own sometimes (and thieves can possibly use universal remotes).
3. Ask someone to put out the trash and bring in the cans. Imagine how easy it is for an unscrupulous person to drive down a street on garbage day and spy which homes are most likely vacant? I think that’s how they did it in Home Alone. If not, they should have.
4. This is an interesting one. Leave your window treatments as normal.  The tendency is to want to close the blinds/curtains but that would also keep helpful people from seeing if anything was amiss. Makes sense, doesn’t it?
5. DO NOT POST ON FACEBOOK THAT YOU ARE GOING ON VACATION!!!!! And do not post while you are on vacation. The lady whose dad was stolen had tagged herself on Facebook in the Dominican Republic. I wasn’t Facebook friends with her, but I still saw that tag. The whole world could see she was practically in another hemisphere. Instead of posting while you are gone, why not relive your awesome vacation memories when you get back by posting pictures then.