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Future Proof Your Business

, Future Proof Your Business, KW Woodlands

The real estate agent is here to stay. And we are going to make sure of it.

Keller Williams is the largest real estate force in the world, and we believe the future of real estate will always revolve around the agent. Our goal is to always stay one step ahead of market disrupters by harnessing the data power of our over 170,000 agents.

In 2018, Keller Williams acquired a startup company called SmarterAgent, which allows agents to create branded apps and the ability to connect to more than 650 multiple listing services. We’ve also partnered with Kungfu.AI, an artificial intelligence firm, to discover future technology solutions for our agents, all in an effort to stay on top of the technology curve.

Last year, the virtual assistant program, Kelle, was launched to help agents navigate the buying and selling process, ensuring no milestones are missed. Kelle is also used as a referral system to connect agents to other agents and to clients.

These programs are fueled by our agents. They were created by real estate agents, and they are refined by real estate agents. If something doesn’t work, or could be more efficient, feedback is easily expressed in the app and is carefully considered by the developer team. Whether you’re a veteran agent or brand new to the job, your ideas make a difference!

Our technology is free for all of our agents. We save our team tons of time and money by providing them all of the tools they need to operate at whatever level they desire. Ultimately, that increases the money in your pocket after every single transaction you make. Get rid of all those monthly subscriptions. All of your tools are integrated into one digital platform!

Ultimately, our core value of putting people first leads us to continually invest heavily in the future of our team. We are equipping our agents with leading training and technology so that we will continue to be the dominant force many years into the future.


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