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Get the Jump On Your Winter Whites!

, Get the Jump On Your Winter Whites!, KW Woodlands

Winter white has been an “in” color for several years now, and this trend isn’t going away any time soon. Get the jump on winter whites now by incorporating these shades into your fall décor because they look just as great now as they will in two months!

Winter whites are creamy, soft and inviting colors that make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Sofas are a great place to start using this neutral color and make for an easy centerpiece to build around. (Just make sure you get a stain-resistant fabric!) Using a throw blanket and thick textured rug underneath in varying shades of creams and whites complete the picture.

White pottery can add texture and depth to mantles, countertops and end tables. Using white here allows you to fill them with any color or object your heart desires. Royal purple flowers? Blood oranges and grapefruits? Gold-flecked potted houseplants? Brass cooking utensils? How about all of the above!

Many people host houseguests over the coming holiday season. Decorating your guest room in winter white gives a clean, crisp feeling while still being welcoming. Bedside table lamps with dangling crystals or pompoms and ceiling fans in creamy whites will stand the test of time when you decide to change out the bedding down the road. Using textured comforters or quilts on the bed with an extra throw blanket decoratively tossed on top will keep guests comfortable while they sleep and make the room look inviting. Or, toss that blanket over the top of a white armchair in the corner.

Bright whites in the bathroom can feel clinical, so using neutral whites and creams here works best. Plush rugs and bathmats, as well as thick towels, can still be washed frequently and not lose their color when you opt for off-white. A cream and white plaid shower curtain will finish off your space and be on-trend this season.