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Get your yard ready for spring!


It’s the second day of Spring and here in Texas and the weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, and … weeds are growing?! Yes, those unfortunate yet virtually unavoidable weeds can overtake even the most gorgeous lawns if regular care isn’t taken to prevent them. Now is also the time to beautify your yard with spring flowers and fresh mulch. Here are some lawn maintenance tips to keep your home looking great well into the coming summer months:
Start mowing bi-weekly to promote healthy grass during the upcoming rapid growth seasons of spring and summer. Mow your yard or have your lawn service come by every other week. Be sure they use a grass catcher to prevent any weeds from re-seeding. When your grass starts to reach 3 inches high before the two week mark, it’s time to switch to weekly mowing and mulching, which will replace nitrogen levels in the soil.
Using a broadcast spreader, apply Scott’s weed and feed fertilizer with atrizine. Atrizine is a chemical fertilizer that is excellent at repelling the dollar weed and will help prevent future growth.
If you notice clover in your yard, have it pulled by hand to include the roots. If you mow it, it will spread more quickly and become a real nuisance.
Test your sprinkler system to ensure proper, thorough coverage. Dry spots now can result in dead spots down the road. Replace any sprinkler heads that aren’t functioning properly – these are typically an easy swap and can be found at most hardware stores.
Apply tree and shrub fertilizer to garden beds. Its high growing season for them too, and a little TLC can produce gorgeous results on flowering bushes. Try a product like Color Star to really make the colors pop!
Mulch flower beds with three to four inches of pine mulch. Water generously to ensure soaking to the plant roots. Avoid hardwood or artificially colored mulch, as these generally do not contain proper nutrients and the color washes away after a couple of months, leaving a pale, dried out appearance. Be careful not to mulch too high around trees, as this will invite insects into the trunks.
Plant seasonal flowers in your newly mulched beds. Dig small holes, about 4 inches deep (any deeper and the plants will not survive), then cover the tops with about 1 inch of mulch to maintain moisture. If you notice plant leaves being eaten, it is most likely snails or slugs which can be repelled with snail bait.
By taking a little time in the spring’s nice temperatures to do some lawn care, you’ll have a yard to enjoy throughout the hot summer months. Happy Spring!