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Getting To & From School Safely

school bus

If you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood and have school-aged children, now is the time to start scoping out your route to and from school. Assuming you have already visited your child’s school to register, you should know whether or not they will have a bus transport them each day or if it is up to you to get them there and back home.

If you do have a bus, check out the exact location of the bus stop. Time how long it takes to get from your front door to the stop and then add five minutes. Sometimes busses are a tad early or late, so being there with plenty of time to spare will save you the big headache of a missed bus in the morning. Also, being there before the bus arrives for afternoon drop off is comforting to younger children who will see your smiling face as they pull up.

If you will be self-transporting, time your route from door to door at least twice, accounting for traffic and the bad luck of hitting all red lights on the way. Spring, Conroe, and Klein Independent School Districts are very serious about attendance and tardiness and you won’t want your child to suffer any consequences of late arrivals.

For pickup, most schools have a car line so be sure to know where it begins and along which side streets you’re allowed to wait. Bring a book or magazine because sometimes these lines can take up to 45 minutes to get through. Another thing to consider is turning off your car engine while in line – not only will this save gas, but it is also better for the environment!

If you happen to live close enough to the school that you can walk, time your trip by foot (even if you plan to bike) so you’ll know exactly how much time to set aside. Another concern for walkers is crosswalk safety – plan a route that avoids busy intersections and teach your children how to cross only when signs indicate. Some intersections close to the school will have crossing guards as well.

Good luck starting off the new school year and stay safe!