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Handling Houston Winter Weather (5 Tips)

, Handling Houston Winter Weather (5 Tips), KW Woodlands

Winter in Houston can mean 72 and sunny or 32 and icy – often in the same week. How’s a Houstonian supposed to handle these crazy temperature swings? Take a look at our tips below for ideas for everything from your wardrobe to your vehicle.

  • Dress in layers. A chilly morning typically turns into a beautiful afternoon and the sun’s warmth can have you roasting in that bulky sweater by lunchtime. Pack a scarf in your briefcase and always keep a light jacket in your car (which also comes in handy in summer months when restaurants blast the air conditioner).
  • Check the weather report frequently. Unlike June through September when you just know it will be hot all the time, winter months can bring a quick temperature swing. It is not uncommon for a cold front to blow through during the day and mornings where you dressed in short sleeves require winter coats by evening rush hour. Dress your kids appropriately for school in case the morning bus stop temperature is drastically different from mid-day recess.
  • Has your furnace checked out annually? Just like you get your A/C checked, your furnace needs a once-over, too. This checkup should include a visual inspection, possible replacement of your system’s air filters, and check of the exhaust system. Most home carbon monoxide poisonings result from leaks and cracks in the direct vent pipe. With at least a couple months of cool weather left, this is a good one to take care of now.
  • Check your car’s battery. While many vehicles need new batteries during the heat of summer, those frosty early morning starts are hard on your electrical components. Keep jumper cables in your trunk year-round.
  • Car tires can lose air pressure due to the cold temperatures, too, so check them next time you fill up your gas tank. Low tire pressure causes additional wear on your tread and can make your tires less effective in bad weather conditions.