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Home Exterior Paint Trends

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Whether trying to make your home stand out from others on the market or not, you can make a big statement with exterior paint. As we know, curb appeal is a prominent factor in many home buying decisions. Most homeowners go with the muted look, but if you want to be the most recognized house on the block, try one of these exterior paint trends in 2016.
A bold front door color will really pop when surrounded by neutral tones. Go with similar shades from one color family for the façade, which will then draw attention to the door. Try soft peach shades with a matte green door, or ivory/white with an aqua door.
Use colors from nature if your home has lots of landscaping. Selecting a cool color palette of pale green, buttery yellow, and white will evoke sensations of serenity.
Stick with basic white and you can go with almost any dark accent color to pull out your home’s architectural features. Chocolate brown, black, red brown or dark gray will compliment in most settings. Bonus – you can go with virtually any color exterior décor and furniture!
And if you really want to make a statement, try an earthy red, sky blue, or cheerful yellow for the main exterior color.
Take into account the style of homes in your neighborhood. If your home’s exterior is siding or stucco and most others are brick or stone, you have the big advantage of being able to change your exterior color quickly and relatively easily. If your home is one of the brick or stone ones, you’ll need to be a bit more creative in how to utilize the paint-ready surfaces such as trim, shutters, and your front door. Even gutter color can provide some aesthetic appeal when chosen with an overall color palette in mind.
One quick note of caution – check with your homeowner’s association before painting to ensure compliance with any neighborhood guidelines that may be in place.