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How to Be The Social Media Agent – Tony Giordano

, How to Be The Social Media Agent – Tony Giordano, KW Woodlands

You’ve heard the name, you’ve read the online articles, you’ve watched his videos. But did you know that world-renowned speaker and real estate expert, Tony Giordano, spoke to Keller Williams agents at the Woodlands Market Center recently?! Providing educational events like this is just another way Keller Williams gives its agents the best opportunities around to further their careers and support their success.

Tony’s extensive background in real estate began over a decade ago in southern California where he built a business from the ground up. He then went on to star on HGTV and Bravo channel real estate TV shows, and from that platform was able to launch another business passion – his social media, coaching, and motivational speaking role.

Tony travels the country and the world consulting with and educating real estate agents, business executives, entrepreneurs, and all types of professionals who have the desire to further their careers. His knowledge of social media marketing and his charismatic speaking abilities make him one of the most sought-after convention presenters.

Agents who attended his presentation at the Woodlands Market Center gained invaluable tips on how to use social media, videos, and other websites and apps to find, educate, and close deals with buyers and sellers. Technology plays such a huge role in how buyers search for homes, how sellers choose their agents, and how buyers and sellers come together, that Keller Williams wants to ensure our agents are up-to-date on trends and have the tools they need to stay atop the market.

As one agent attendee put it, “I think it’s really important, the direction that we’re going in real estate, to be conscious of how people are consuming information, and he’s absolutely the master at that.” She’s just one of many who feel that way about Tony, which is why Keller Williams invited him to speak. Our agents are the best of the best, and educational events like this are how we will all stay that way