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How to Schedule Your Day as a Real Estate Agent

, How to Schedule Your Day as a Real Estate Agent, KW Woodlands

Troy Palmquist Explains How He Schedules His Busy Day as a Real Estate Agent

Being a steward of real estate is a noble profession, albeit one that moves at the speed of light. How many businesses require expert transaction knowledge, unmatched salesmanship, solid people skills, and the ability to manage complex situations in short time frames with ease? Not many, which is why it is so important for real estate agents to schedule out their day and do their best to stick with it. It may sound daunting in our fast-paced world, but it’s doable. Here’s how I manage.

Work on a Calendar and Time Block

As a real estate agent, you have to schedule everything out in order to work efficiently. When you don’t, important tasks slip through the cracks. I like to take a multi-pronged approach. I rely heavily on my calendar. I print it out. And I also use Outlook and my phone to stay on top of everything no matter where I go. Tracking day-to-day responsibilities on a calendar is the best place to start.

Most Importantly, Leave Some Time for Yourself

After all the showings, client meetings, listing appointments, and team-building exercises, how does one find the time to market, make calls, reply to emails, and have a life? It requires practice! You have to learn that there is a time and place for everything.

Pencil in half an hour or two in your day to just breathe, practice self-care, grab a bite to eat, or unplug. Because agents can quickly get wrapped up in doing everything for everyone all the time, they easily forget to take care of themselves. This is the fastest way to burn out. You’ll be amazed how giving yourself some time can help you refresh and function at a much higher level.

Delegate Tasks and Leverage Tech

Now it’s time for everyone’s least favorite word – delegate. This means you have to relinquish control of your business operations and rely on some one or some thing to do the job right. This includes tasks like social media posts, scheduling, client interfacing, and more. Learn to let go and delegate to a person or piece of technology you trust if you have the means.

A personal assistant can really come in handy when you can’t be in multiple places at once. When it comes to marketing, source out your blog posts and brochures to skilled ghostwriters and designers. Pick a weekend a month to work ahead and schedule out all of your social media posts with a platform like Hootsuite, ensuring there is always content on your outlets for the days you are short on time.

Another word of advice? Don’t let social media run you! It can be a time trap, and you have more important things to do like selling homes, finding buyers, and securing that next listing.

Don’t Live on Your Email

Speaking of time traps, we all get sucked into the email black hole every now and then. However, the most efficient agents know when to check email, when to respond, and when to close the window. You can’t live behind your computer to get the job done. It’s a delicate balance. You need to run your day. Don’t let email run you!

Set Up a Specific Time to Return Voicemails and Emails

The best way to untether yourself from email? Set up a specific time to return voicemails and email requests. You can do this in the morning or late at night, it’s up to you. But each day should consist of a specific window of time geared to do responding and getting back. This will also set expectations for those you work with and your clients. That being said, I never let 24 hours go without sending some sort of response to anyone who has contacted me. Be diligent! Don’t let things pile up and it will not be such an overwhelming task.

Start With Something Simple

Not sure where to begin? Start with something simple. Whether it’s making your bed every morning or taking an hour first thing to check email over coffee, doing something to jumpstart your daily routine will motivate you and help you stay on track.

Lastly, Hold Yourself Accountable

Of course, what good is a system if you don’t follow it? Be sure that you and everyone on your team is accountable. Show up, do the work, and keep a schedule. Pretty soon your new routine will be old hat and you can become more flexible with it.