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KW Family Reunion is Right Around The Corner!

, KW Family Reunion is Right Around The Corner!, KW Woodlands

Family Reunion is taking place in Dallas, TX this year, and it’s coming up QUICK! Next week actually…

We have always seen being apart of KW like being apart of a big family. This company has made its people the centerpiece of its success since the very beginning.

Family Reunions are about KW agents getting together for a week of inspiration, networking, and training events. Keller Williams agents are the best-trained agents in real estate, and Family Reunion is just another way to get that education in-person and surrounded by like-minded individuals. It’s also a way to center the over-arching goals of the company, and bring this diverse group of people together.

Agents who attend the reunion hear from industry experts from inside the company, as well as from on the outside. This includes Gary Keller, with his yearly vision speech. There he will dive into the status of the real estate market and what it means for your business. Come and find out what current economic indicators mean for real estate and what the industry is expected to look like for the next year.

One of the most motivating events at Family Reunion is “Inspirational Morning” where guest speakers share their personal stories of overcoming hardships, persevering in their businesses, and what being a Keller Williams agent means to them. Start off your mornings with some motivation, and get focused on taking advantage of all the resources around you!

No family reunion is complete without a big party! A themed night of fun that usually includes dancing, music, and party games is an opportunity for agents to let down their hair and bond with one another. Many great friendships are forged at this event and those lead to cross-country support of each other’s businesses for years to come.

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 will be held February 15-18 in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit