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Keller Williams is consistently taking significant steps forward to create a brighter future for our agents and representatives. At the KW Family Reunion, we were able to catch up on how we did last year, highlight some of our major focuses, and lay-out how we plan to move forward during the new decade.

One of the key talking points of Family Reunion was the on-going additions to the KW tech toolbox. In 2019 we took several more big steps towards creating a more robust digital platform for consumers and agents. Integrations with both Porch (a repair estimation software company) and Docusign (transaction management) are a few of the notable additions. These partnerships allow KW agents and customers to have access to game-changing tools at no cost.

These additions, along with increased awareness, training, and development has led to widespread adoption of the platform. Our CRM system has quickly turned into a large part of how our agents manage their customer relationships. As of December 31, 2019, Command had 116,740 active users, increased from 99,875 active users at the end of the third quarter. Our agents have added over 43.4 million contracts into the Command system since it’s release in early 2020. We’ve also tracked a cumulative total of 786,412 transactions in 2019 through the app as well.

Our overall volume is on the rise as well. Despite lowering in agent numbers from 2018-2019 due to a purging of “ghost agents” Agents in the U.S. and Canada closed 1.1 million transactions in 2019, an increase of 3.4 percent over 2018. This resulted in $351.2 billion in sales volume in 2019, a substantial increase of 5.7 percent over 2018.

A large factor in these increases had been the improvement of KW Cloud-based technologies. Our agents are learning how to better leverage these tools to improve their businesses. Process organization, connectivity, and information are now far easier to manage through our systems, and things will only continue to grow from here.

As the technology sector of KW does expand, we are focusing on centering growth around our base of agents. In fact, member feedback has often resulted in changes to the software itself. These platforms are built with only one goal in mind, to save our agents time and money. This makes KW as a whole more competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

We have the future of the real estate marketplace in our hands, and we’re setting out to make it a better place for both the agent AND the customer!