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, Leadership. History. Culture. KW Has it All, KW Woodlands

Keller Williams has spent decades crafting and shaping the way people perceive us and our agents. Our reputation is unmatched across the industry and the world.

The world today is in constant flux. The internet has changed the way that our clients get their information, and we continue to build our name and brand through those avenues. But despite this rapidly changing environment we are faced with, national brands like Keller Williams maintain their position in the industry because of their consistent brand marketing, and ultimately their customer service. This means that from top to bottom, our ideals and culture permeate from corporate to the individual agent. 

If you’re an aspiring real estate agent, or even an established one, being backed by a nationally recognized brand is huge. Not only does the Keller Williams name help bring in more clients; those clients will know the level of quality they are dealing with before they even meet with you. 

Ultimately, when anybody buys from one particular brand over another, it isn’t because the logo is better, or the color scheme is more appealing, it’s because they connect with what that brand stands for.

Our brand is different. And it has been since we kicked things off in 1983. We never make any sacrifices, and we have been leading the charge in innovation. For over three decades we have changed the real estate industry in new, better directions. This history is part of what makes this company great. And the culture of encouragement within each of our individual brokerages is something we are proud to have built.

Every single one of those years backs each of our agents at every open house, negotiation, and closing day. If you’re looking to reach the next level in your real estate career, we are ready for you here at KW The Woodlands & Magnolia.