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Making a Grand Entrance

, Making a Grand Entrance, KW Woodlands

A home’s entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house. Choosing to make this space utilitarian as well as beautiful is easier than you might think. 

Start with one entryway – usually, the one your family uses most – and think about what that space says to you. Is it the garage side door where things get cluttered with shoes, backpacks, and junk that makes you feel overwhelmed? Or is it a sparse and cavernous front entry foyer that you’re not sure what to do with, that leaves you feeling cold? Spruce up both of these areas with simple tips that apply to any entryway. 

Begin with the walls to make the area brighter. Using geometric wallpaper creates depth and the paper itself helps dampen noise. Off-whites with gold or brass accents are on-trend right now. If paint is more your style, choose a light, bright color that flows well with the rest of your house.

Now, let’s get organized. If your house doesn’t have built-in backpack nooks and shoe cubbies, you can find great organizer furniture almost anywhere. These sleek storage systems double as decorative furniture where you can place potted plants and pictures on the top shelves while using the lower (and sometimes enclosed) spaces for those necessities like purse and shoe storage. Finding one with a cushioned bench makes putting your shoes on easier and helps when getting children ready to go outside.

Narrow and long entryway tables are perfect for a foyer or front hallway. They provide a resting place for delivery items, a catch-all for keys and wallets, and the perfect spot to set up a tall lamp and mirror to give yourself one last check before walking out the door. 

A foyer is a great place for a statement chandelier. If you have a two-story entryway or high ceilings, going for a bold light fixture will draw the eye upward and make your home feel open and spacious right from the start. Exposed bulbs set with modern-art metals are more in style today than traditional candle-stick light fixtures.