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Making Brunch Fun at Home

Brunch Recipes

Going out for Sunday brunch is a tradition for many families. Unfortunately, lots of the popular restaurants with delicious meals and buffets can be very, very crowded at this time of day. Instead of fighting the crowds and listening to your stomach growl as you wait in the lobby, why not try some of these tempting brunch recipes in the comfort of your own home?

• Cute and bite-sized, a puff pastry mini egg bake will disappear from your serving platter fast! An alternative to quiche, they make a perfect main course option. Get the recipe from Country Living at

• If you’re afraid of frittatas because you haven’t mastered the complicated stove-top flipping technique, try baking them instead in a baking dish or skillet. Cook up the basics (sautéed onion, 8 eggs lightly whisked, a half cup milk and some salt and pepper) before adding any of the six delectable ingredient combinations suggested by Epicurious here:

• If you like to prepare breakfast the night before, try this recipe for amazing peach French toast from All Recipes. It is easy enough for kids to make and a sure-fire hit for houseguests. Bonus – it will make your home smell absolutely delicious when it’s in the oven Sunday morning!

• Cinnamon rolls are another brunch standard, but sometimes the canned kind from the grocery store just doesn’t cut it. Making them is easier than you might think, with this recipe courtesy of the Minimalist Baker, who came up with a dish that only requires seven ingredients!

• To lighten things up and maintain the illusion that brunch is healthy, add a fruit salad to your table. Anyone can chop up some melon, berries, and bananas, but if you’re up for something more adventurous with a little tangy zip, try a citrus salad instead. has a recipe topped with a creamy poppy seed dressing that will surely delight:

• Brunch wouldn’t be complete without a signature drink. Food & Wine puts a unique twist on a Bellini in this sour cherry-yuzu recipe:

A few tips to make brunch at home more special – set the dining room table instead of eating in the kitchen (do it the night before to save time in the morning!) and have everyone get out of their pajamas before the food is served.