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Making your home “move in ready”

, Making your home “move in ready”, KW Woodlands

One of the buzz words in real estate is “move in ready” – but what, exactly, does that mean? To most homebuyers, the phrase is simple – can they move in tomorrow and be happy with their purchase without having to do any major projects? Gone are the days of people looking for “fixer-uppers” or even wanting to do smaller renovation projects. From a seller’s perspective, here are some easy and inexpensive things you can do to make your home fit that profile:
Paint your walls in neutral colors. Grey is a very popular neutral now (no more beige!) and your entire home could be done in varying shades with enough contrast to make each room unique and not clash with existing furniture.
Speaking of furniture, minimize the amount in your home. People want to envision their own furniture filling up the house, and this is easier to do when there aren’t a lot of other items. Clean up any clutter and consider moving some smaller pieces to storage while your house is on the market.
If you’re thinking about re-doing your flooring, consider tile instead of carpet. Most homebuyers look for tile over hardwood as well.
Update your appliances. Many buyers want an open kitchen but if you don’t have that, there isn’t much you can do to change it. However, getting new appliances and “freshening up” your kitchen can make it seem more spacious.
Designate a home office. If your house doesn’t already have an office, repurpose one of your bedrooms or empty it of bedroom furnishings so prospective buyers will see it as a work space. Thirteen million people work exclusively from home these days, and this number will only continue to rise.
As always, consult with your realtor for additional tips to get your home ready for sale.