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Mentorship from Masterminds

, Mentorship from Masterminds, KW Woodlands

Mentorship is a crucial part of any beginning real estate agents future success. And almost always, it isn’t something that you can just pay for. It takes a real estate agent who is brave enough to look for help and another agent who has the heart to take that agent under their wing. Creating an atmosphere where agents are inclined to help one another is absolutely vital for the long term success of the brokerage. We have worked to make that a reality since our inception, and we continue to do so!

“I found a broker who not only gives me the formal training I need, but a handout with informal mentorship from mega agents.”

 – Melissa Perez-Mueller

Masterminds class is one of the ways we create opportunities for mentorship for our agents. It brings together an exclusive community in the spirit of harmony to share knowledge and effort and help solve problems. Top leaders and producers in all different fields come together to share their knowledge on specific topics. Here, agents can get an inside look at the procedures and techniques of the top teams and agents in the area. And they are always willing to answer more specific questions after class.

“We have people who are doing over 100 million in sales, so the fact that we can be in the same room as these people and just ask questions and bounce ideas and learn how they do things without having to start from scratch… we really do have a culture here where people want to help.”

– Joel Griffin

When it comes down to it, our mission is to open any and all doors for our KW agents. You have access to a network backed by the power of the largest real estate family in North America! The people at this office really are here for one another. It’s that mindset that has created the encouraging atmosphere that this office maintains. 

“We really do have a collective, family vibe that I’ve never seen in any other environment that I worked at prior, and even since I’ve seen that it really is unique to Keller Williams.”

– Brittany Busby

Surround yourself with the experience that you need to get your career off the ground, or to the next level. At Keller Williams, we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. That means the success of one will benefit all. We’re here to help you! Learn more about becoming a KW The Woodlands & Magnolia agent be clicking here.