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On-Trend Ideas for 2019 | Wow Your Guests!

, On-Trend Ideas for 2019 | Wow Your Guests!, KW Woodlands

Out with the old, in with the new! It’s the time of year to start fresh and what better way than to update your living space with on-trend designs and décor for the new year. Work your way through your home following these hot home decorating tips.


Paint companies pick their top colors each year, and for 2019 most of them are blue. Sherwin-Williams chose a true blue called “Reflecting Pool” that really resembles the color of water in a swimming pool, while Behr went with a darker tone called “Blueprint” that falls somewhere between soft navy and classic denim. Clark+Kensington went with a steely, light blue appropriately called “Stainless Steel” that almost resembles a periwinkle. All three of these hot colors are quite versatile, but Stainless Steel will work best as an accent color or in bedrooms or bathrooms since it is quite bright.


When it comes to the kitchen, brass is still where it’s at – brushed brass, that is. The bright, shiny look is going out while the muted brushed look is still climbing high. Oversized faucets (think industrial-style) and light fixtures will pop in this finish. Subway tile is still going strong but look for it in colors besides white, like pale blues or natural stone. Another bold look to try? Matte-finish appliances. These make a nice contrast to shiny surface countertops and coordinate well with traditional wood-colored cabinets as well as colorfully-painted cabinets.


In the bedroom, try out the color that started gaining popularity last year, Millennial Pink, to soften up your sleeping space. This shade is not going anywhere for 2019 and gives a perfect feminine touch. If you’re looking at new bedroom furniture, canopy beds are popping up everywhere. Maybe it’s the desire to escape into a cocoon-like atmosphere while we sleep, away from the stress and technology overload from the day, but these beds (and their 4-poster siblings) are making a huge comeback.