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Our Doors are ALWAYS Open

, Our Doors are ALWAYS Open, KW Woodlands

Our doors are always open. For everyone.

One of the most valuable parts of being apart of this firm, is the access to time tested, valuable industry experience that is not found elsewhere. This coveted knowledge comes straight from the surrounding agents, and upper-level management. Our agents have access to a network backed by the power of the largest real estate family in North America.

When it comes to our KW Training and mentorship, we want to offer our services up to more than just our internal agents. So, we have taken steps to make sure that everyone in this community has the opportunity to get access

Did you know, any agent from any brokerage has the opportunity to attend a training seminar as the guest of a KW agent? From our Masterminds class to lectures from industry-leading agents, we’ve opened these opportunities to the public. 

We hope that your interactions in the office and the value you gain from attending these events will give you a great taste of the culture we have in our organization. We are dedicated to investing in the real estate agent. Everything we do currently, and all of our plans for the future center around them as a key industry component.

Our upper-level management is also always willing and able to help those from outside brokerages. KW The Woodlands & Magnolia Team Leader, James Ward, keeps two 30 minute appointment slots open every single day for agents outside of KW looking for a little bit of advice. Topics range from everyday sales advice to consulting on how to grow a team.

Overall, we strive to lead our industry, and the community. We believe that extending our arm out into the industry will not only benefit those directly involved but the community at large. Surround yourself with the experience that you need to get your career off the ground, or to the next level. At Keller Williams, we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats!