Keller Williams Story

KELLER WILLIAMS is the result of an inspired vision. Our talented team of associates who created KELLER WILLIAMS were charged with a monumental goal: “Create the industry’s finest interdependent real estate company.” From Gary Keller’s initial office of 30 agents to now over 120,000 agents worldwide …. Keller Williams is attracting the best real estate agents around the globe who are interested in building their businesses.


A Convergence of Ideals

Today, more than any other time in real estate history, agent and broker goals seem to be diametrically opposed.

Real estate agents require their commission programs to be exceedingly high, yet brokers are becoming more and more aware that this presents a true profitability squeeze: Two people can’t save the same dollar!

Solving A Riddle

Gary Keller and Joe Williams established KELLER WILLIAMS in 1983 as a traditional real estate company. The firm had grown to over 30 associates by 1986. Due to the pressures from 100% concepts, they found themselves faced with the above mentioned commission-profitability paradox. Their interdependent approach was a creative and team-oriented response to this riddle.

No Compromise Approach

Gary and Joe invited their associates to a meeting where they outlined the commission-profitability squeeze paradox; however, both broker and associate determined that neither was willing to compromise their earning potential. The resulting unanimous solution combined the best of all worlds with a progressive approach. Rather than “compromise” associate and broker goals the “team” incorporated the two. The result – the office grew to over 100 associates in less than five months. Few would argue that the inventive KELLER WILLIAMS programs they designed are some of the past decade’s biggest advances in broker-associate relationships and income opportunities.

Combining The Incompatible

The desire to engineer a truly win-win company with no limits on associate career and income opportunities led the reasons for the change. The KELLER WILLIAMS Team discovered a way to champion the highest possible commission structure within a full support environment with expansive profit potentials for the Rev. 7/02 Section 2 – KELLER WILLIAMS® REALTY INTERNATIONAL Policies & Guidelines Manual 4 broker and associate. By doing so they created a method for combining the incompatible – achieving both associate and broker career and income goals. They then went one step further by advocating the concept that a commission program would be just one form of compensation associates would have – not the only one.

Unexpected Demand

The KELLER WILLIAMS System became a triumph. KELLER WILLIAMS associates asked the firm to expand their opportunities by offering the system to brokers in other cities. In fact, the first affiliate broker was brought in by an associate. The San Antonio Market Center was so successful its first year they received their Chamber’s “Pride In Progress” award for being the area’s fastest growing new business.

The resulting demand for the KELLER WILLIAMS System was unexpected and as a result KELLER WILLIAMS did not emerge overnight. The entire company is the result of a massive commitment. It was a commitment from a highly successful group of real estate agents and brokers.

And it was a commitment of time – the time to develop the best, to reject any shortcoming and to rethink, redo and continuously perfect a system, policy or program until it was right for KELLER WILLIAMS and its associates.

After this extensive benchmarking and trending development experience, KELLER WILLIAMS created a new level of real estate company. Your company!