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Painting Trends for Your Home

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An easy way to change up the look and feel of your home is with the paint on your walls. Paint is so versatile – you can design a room around the wall color, or vice versa. You can paint rooms different colors to match the mood you’re typically in when utilizing that space. Alternatively, you can paint a room with a color that sets the mood for you. The options are endless! So, whether you’re looking to put your home on the market, have recently moved in, or just want to change things up, here are some trends to consider.
Not that long ago, faux finishes were a huge paint trend. People wanted their bathroom walls to be “marbled,” their foyers to be “blended,” and their bedrooms to be “sponged.” According to design experts, this trend is on its way out. People want a more authentic look in 2016, so if you’re looking to put your home on the market any time soon, now is a great time to usher out that former trend with a fresh, solid coat of paint.
Some color trends for this year:
Use a clean, crisp white, especially if you have bold colored furniture or bright area rugs.
A bold green is another hot trend for 2016. Pair it with soft, neutral colored décor and furnishings.
Milky blues are back en vogue following the faded look of so many European homes.
Lilacs and purples, when done in a sophisticated manner, can make an elegant statement in a room.
And finally, a trend that has been around for a little while now is chalkboard paint. While mainly for bedrooms of the toddler to pre-teen set, consider chalkboard paint for a back entryway nook, a kitchen wall, or hallway space.
A fresh coat of paint in several key rooms will help make your house more marketable. Some buyers can be distracted by elaborately done walls, as people’s tastes differ so much. Best to keep things neutral when putting your house on the market.