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Prepare to Put Your House on the Market


If you are planning to put your house on the market at some point in the next few months, there are a bunch of things you can begin to do now in order to prepare. Lots of homes will go up for sale in the spring season (which is right around the corner, believe it or not!) so getting a head start on repairs, updates and packing will set you up for an easier, and hopefully quicker, sale.

1. Take a notepad and walk through each room of your house. Take a good, hard look at the walls, ceilings, appliances, fixtures, floors, etc. and write down anything that is not in perfect condition. Take note of leaky faucets, wobbly toilet seats, carpet stains and anything else that you come across – these are huge deterrents to prospective home buyers and are usually quick and easy fixes.

a. Tip – prioritize your list in order of what can be done fastest and/or cheapest. Knock these items off first to shorten your list and make it more manageable. Then, tackle the big things. Consult with your realtor on major expenses to see if they are worth doing yourself or leaving as-is and negotiating with the buyer.

2. Organize everything you can – from the books on your shelves, clothes in your closet, all the way down to alphabetizing the spices in your spice rack. When people are walking through your house thinking about buying it, having a nice, tidy space free of clutter is very appealing. Consider removing almost everything off of your kitchen counters, mantle, built-in shelves and coffee tables. Rooms look bigger with less furniture, so think about renting a storage unit or donating items you don’t want to take with you to a new house.

a. Tip – eliminating clutter not only helps stage your house for sale, it also will make packing so much easier when you’re ready to move.

3. Invite a trusted friend or family member over and walk through your house together. Ask them to note any odors that you may have grown immune to smelling. Even if the weather is cold, airing out your home regularly can help eliminate odors. So can using products like Febreeze or essential oils like Purification.

a. Tip – if you love to cook, run your exhaust fan more often to pull food smells out immediately. Use freshly-scented cleaning products to mop your floors. Take throw rugs outside and let them air out for a couple hours. Put throw pillow cases and blankets in the washing machine.

By beginning prep work now, your To Do list when you’re ready to put that For Sale sign up in your front yard will be much shorter!