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Revamp Your Restroom! (4 Essential Tips)

, Revamp Your Restroom! (4 Essential Tips), KW Woodlands

Create a bathroom oasis with these color ideas. Whether your goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere to luxuriate in a warm bubble bath in the master bathroom or have a cozy, welcoming guest suite bathroom, we’ve got you (or should we say your walls) covered! Read on for these four color tips to revamp your restroom.

  1. Soft and light colors work well in the bathroom for many reasons, not the least of which is they are clean and refreshing. Pale greens, vibrant yellows and peachy pinks tend to feel fresh, so why not put them in the room where you freshen up? Going with a pale color also allows for brighter light, making it easier to see for shaving and makeup application.
  2. Try painting the walls in a soft color while doing the trim in an opposing, dark color. If your bathroom has a chair rail or wainscoting, paint this dark, too. Your basic black and white can make a bold statement, especially when you throw in a third bright color – like seafoam or tangerine – on the vanity cabinets or linen closet door.
  3. Don’t forget about the ceiling. A popular trend right now is to paint the ceiling two to three shades lighter than the same color that’s on the walls. This works very well in rooms with low ceilings to help add visual height. Going lighter draws the eye upward. If your walls are white, you can still enhance the ceiling by painting this “fifth wall” in a bright neutral, like pale gray or creamy beige.
  4. Painted cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen. Going totally neutral on the walls and trim allows for a bold pop of color on the vanity and sink cabinets and drawers. This look goes particularly well in a powder room or other very small bathroom where there aren’t any other architectural features.