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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning.

Its spring time and everything seems to have that fresh, exciting, and new feeling to it. The blooming flowers outside and recent sunny days brighten up the outdoor atmosphere. To brighten up your indoor atmosphere, follow these tips for Spring Cleaning to get your home free of germs and sparkling fresh.

• Clean floors are a must for maintaining cleanliness throughout the rest of your home. Aside from removing your shoes when you enter (and asking guests to do the same) you can hire a cleaning service to shampoo your carpeting or rent a machine to do it yourself from stores like Target or Home Depot. You can keep your vinyl, tile or wood floors sparkling with environmentally friendly products like Simple Green or Earth Choice Neutral pH Floor Cleaner. Try a DIY recipe by mixing white vinegar with baking soda and adding a few drops of your favorite scent essential oil to your mop bucket or spray bottle.

o Note, the above are not recommended for marble floors. Marble can be damaged by vinegar, so try the recipe without or use a store-bought product like Earth Friendly Products Floor Kleener.

• Bathroom and kitchen counter sinks and surfaces are cleaned year round, but what about the cabinets? Take a look under your sink and see what you can get rid of – old makeup and hair products can likely be discarded if you haven’t used them in six months or more. Tidying this space up and wiping down the shelves and cabinet doors will help remove dust, dirt and germs. Parent’s Magazine recommends Method’s All-Purpose Surface Cleaner as a natural alternative.

• Drapes and curtains are great places for dirt and dust to build up over time. Most fabrics are machine-washable and can be easily re-hung without ironing when promptly removed from the dryer.

• Vacuum cleaners aren’t just for floors! Use the upholstery or crevice attachment to clean sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Take pillows and cushions outside and beat them by hand or with a broom handle to knock out the dust. Check care labels, as some cushion covers and pillowcases may be machine washable, too.

• Most of us don’t think about cleaning trash cans, but they can be a breeding ground for germs, mold and fungus. Use a sponge and surface cleaner on bathroom wastebaskets and the kitchen trash can. Outdoor cans can be washed with car washing solution and a hose. Turn them upside-down to dry out and make sure they are completely dry before closing the lid.

Happy cleaning and have a healthy spring!