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The Five Pillars of Lead Generation

, The Five Pillars of Lead Generation, KW Woodlands

All those phone numbers and emails in your database don’t mean much if you don’t have the sales skills to convert them! Here are the five pillars of lead conversion.

  1. Be the expert. The first interaction is of the utmost importance. When you have that first contact with a potential client, presenting yourself as the expert in a professional yet mild way, will allow him/her to feel confident in your abilities. When you have confidence in yourself, others will, too. Coming on too strong or sounding like you’re bragging can be off-putting, so walk that fine line between boasting and reassuring. The vast majority of homebuyers are looking for you to take the lead, so don’t be afraid to do so.
  2. Be available. Answer your phone, even if you don’t recognize the number. When a client is looking at houses online in the evening and they get excited about one, they’re going to call or text you without looking at the clock. Respond promptly, even if that means first thing the next morning. As you well know, home buying is an emotional transaction and excitement is one of the best kinds of emotions agents can work with.
  3. Be persistent. The first week or two with a new client is critical. Providing and gathering information during this stage allows for consistent contact and relationship development. Sending texts, making phone calls (or leaving voice mails), and using emails to keep the stream of information flowing is key. Sometimes, that extra “just following up!” text or phone call is what makes the difference between a lead and a client.
  4. Be a good listener. Really listen to what your prospects are saying. Take notes – yes, even the old-fashioned way on paper – and reference those notes before you make contact each time. Turning prospects into clients will be much easier when those prospects feel like you remember and value them.
  5. Be intentional. Have a reason to make contact each time you reach out by doing your homework and providing a meaningful message. Make prospects feel special by giving them “insider information” such as a house coming on the market soon and giving them the opportunity to get a sneak peek. Extras like this will set you apart from others.