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The Key to a Lasting Real Estate Career Is…

, The Key to a Lasting Real Estate Career Is…, KW Woodlands

When it comes down to it, the longevity of your real estate career hinges on one crucial thing. Your ability to take on change in this industry. Our upper-level management is going to ensure that Keller Williams is on the forefront of this industry training technique and education standards. We want to make sure that our agents have access to everything they need in order to make their business a success.

“My first two weeks in the Ignite Training program with Keller Williams I listed my first home, and within 90 days I had sold that home and helped that client buy a home. I attribute all of that to the Ignite training program.

I was literally sitting next to a mega agent who was talking to me as if I was equal, and I had done zero production!”

 – Melissa Perez-Mueller

We have agents working at Keller Williams who are leading the industry. Whatever you need help with, there is someone here to give advice. And they are happy to do it!

“The culture here is to share what you got, so we can all move to the top. What we get, we get to give out. And we get our cup full!” 

– Kristi Griffin

For the agent young in years, in experience, or in both, this is the place for you. We’ve made is easy for our agents to have access to any level of training that they need. You are not alone at Keller Williams. You have access to a huge wealth of resources and knowledge!

“When I was fresh out of real estate school, I joined the ignite program. That whole curriculum lays the groundwork in terms of everything you’re going to need and instilling confidence in you… 

At the end of the day, it’s all about those relationships… Here, you’re not out there on an island all by yourself, you’re apart of a bigger family.”’

 – Eric Pete

“As a young guy, the biggest thing for me was overcoming the obstacle of gaining experience. So education was a big reason I chose Keller Williams… Genuinely being friends with the agents next door to me, you feel like you’re being brought into the family. You’re gonna learn a lot by being out and doing business, but I think sometimes you can learn more from sitting and having people our into you, and I’ve gotten that time and time again here.”

– Chase Giles

If you are an agent who is looking to take your career to the next level, we would love to speak with you. CLICK HERE to learn more!

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