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The ‘Lagom’ Lifestyle – Is Your Life Feeling Cluttered?

, The ‘Lagom’ Lifestyle – Is Your Life Feeling Cluttered?, KW Woodlands

Do you “lagom”?

Do you “lagom”? No, it’s not the same as “leggo my Eggo” despite the similar sound. The term “lagom” is Swedish and describes a lifestyle centered around having just the right amount of what you need. Its generally accepted translation is “not too little, not too much, just right” and can apply to virtually any aspect of life. Let’s look at how incorporating this concept into your home can give it a clean, cozy feel that’s just right for you!

Decluttering your house, one room at a time, will bring you closer to the lagom lifestyle. No matter which room you start in, taking a few minutes a day to get rid of all the unnecessary papers, old magazines, outdated clothes, and other items you don’t really need will set the stage for that “just right” feeling. Clutter can overwhelm a physical space, but it can also overwhelm your brain and therefore your mood.

Once you’ve decluttered, invest in a new piece of furniture that comes with storage space. A hallway credenza or entryway table make perfect decorating updates to modernize the look of your home while providing hidden storage for things like keys, mail, gloves, etc.

Another concept embraced by the lagom lifestyle is to not be wasteful. What do you have in your house that can be repurposed for a better or more meaningful use? For example, that ottoman pushed up against the wall in the home office room could be more useful if placed at the foot of the master bed. It’s like going shopping in your own house! If the colors or style don’t coordinate, simply recover it with new fabric.

Knowing when to say when is very lagom. Whether that’s during a meal, while on a shopping trip, or when decorating a new house. Cramming a lot of furniture into a single room, no matter how big or small that room may be, is the opposite of lagom. Go for comfort and function, but don’t overdo it. As long as you have enough furniture to sit down and relax, you’ve got plenty!