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The Opportunity to Leverage Leads

, The Opportunity to Leverage Leads, KW Woodlands

A job in real estate is filled with opportunity – the opportunity to work at a career you love, in an industry that provides opportunities for people to better their lives, and the opportunity to help others in your community find homes where they can raise a family, enjoy retirement, or anything in between.

Keller Williams believes that when an agent lists a house, any leads for that property should go directly to him or her. Nicknamed “My Listings, My Leads” its our way of rewarding agents for the hard work they did to get that listing. So, when a listing is marketed on the Keller Williams network and listing syndicates, all resulting leads are directed back to the original agent, thereby providing the agent with the opportunity to find a buyer.

When a homebuyer or seller does an online search for real estate, they will have a very high chance of coming across a Keller Williams website. These could be local agent websites, the KW app, market center sites and international sites. Because of the power of the Keller Williams name and our company’s size, we have more than 100,000 websites in our lead generation network, which gives each agent a major advantage in online searches.

Leveraging these leads is another opportunity for agents, because every potential client, at the beginning of your relationship with them, is full of opportunity. While it’s up to the individual agent to capitalize on these opportunities, Keller Williams provides the tools to make this process much easier. eEdge is Keller Williams’ customer relationship management software program, guiding agents through the process of taking a lead to a closed sale. With this and other world-class marketing systems supplied by corporate, our agents can make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.